Automotive Primary Wire

Types of Automotive Primary Wire

Automotive Primary Wire is made with either PVC or cross-linked insulation. The biggest difference between the two automotive wire options is temperature range. Cross-linked automotive wire can withstand much higher temperatures than PVC automotive wire.

PVC Automotive Wire

GPT - Type GPT automotive wire is intended for use whenever SAE J-1128 specifies general circuit wiring. GPT automotive primary wire features extruded insulation, and has a recommended temperature range of -40°C to 80°C.

TWP - Type TWP automotive wire is a lead-free PVC option. It is thin-walled, lightweight, and small, so it is a good choice for cramped automotive applications. TWP automotive primary wire has a maximum temperature rating of 105°C.

HDT - HDT automotive primary wire is general circuitry wire, but it is less common than the other types of automotive wire. However, it offers greater physical protection than those types because it has the thickest wall. HDT automotive primary wire meets the requirements of SAE J-1128, and can be used in cars, boats, buses and RVs. Cross-Linked Automotive Wire

GXL - Type GXL automotive primary wire is the most common type. It works with most standard automotive wire connectors and may be applied in engine compartments where higher heat resistance is required according to SAE J-1128. GXL automotive wire is thin-walled, giving it a small diameter for hard-to-fit areas in trucks and trailers. Its recommended temperature range is -51°C to 125°C.

SXL Type SXL (XLP) cross-linked automotive wire has a temperature range of -51°C to 125°C, so it may be used in engine compartments where higher heat resistance is required according to SAE J-1128. SXL automotive primary wire has a standard wall thickness.

TXLType TXL automotive primary wire is the extra-thin wall version of the cross-linked wire, making it the smallest and most lightweight option. It meets SAE J-1560 specifications. Like the other types of cross-linked automotive wire, TXL automotive wire has a temperature range of -51°C to 125°C.

Customizing Automotive Primary Wire

There are many value-added services available to customize automotive primary wire. Three stripes, also called tracers, may be added to the cable jacket to make identification easy. Printing the jacket with text, numbers, or a company logo in black or white ink is another low-cost option. Other value-added services such as cut-and strip, and twisting and paralleling may also be available, so be sure to check with your cable representative when ordering. These custom cable solutions make automotive cable easy to identify and easy to install, saving you tons of time, cutting labor costs, and reducing headaches!